My reflection on Web Design and Web 2.0 Applications

The Web Design and Web 2.0 Applications course is designed to prepare teachers for all different grade levels with skills, concepts and understanding among other skills to integrate technology in their lessons to enhance learning as well as to make learning more effective.

Web Design and Web 2.0 Applications was my second class for this season. The course treats fundamentals of planning, design, and production of instructional multimedia tools. There are opportunities for students to practice and use educational media and equipment in a cooperative learning environment and in various micro-teaching situations. This course is based on the notion that it is imperative that teachers provide opportunities for students to engage in authentic learning experiences within and beyond the walls of the classroom.
I am so happy with my instructor, Dr. Dogan. He showed each step of course assignment during webinars.As an educator learning new tools in technology.
Technology will be a great asset in my classroom, as a motivational aid and a teaching tool to help students succeed. The realms of technology in the classroom have expanded far beyond mere word processing and basic presentations with images, and technology is now a prime way to motivate students. Now, those same programs used for simple tasks are capable of so much more. For example, instead of merely creating a PowerPoint presentation, teachers can use video games, before used only for children’s entertainment, now can be learning tools instead with a proper introduction. By using technology in this fashion, students can become more engaged in instruction and achieve a more substantive learning experience.
Technology can also be a gateway to the vast realms of creativity for students, allowing them to participate in activities that they never would have dreamed possible. For example, students can create their own websites/blogs from scratch, which allows them to be creative while they will design it from its conception to completion. While it is important for teachers to understand that they cannot become completely dependent upon technology as a means to enhance their own teaching strategies, when technology is integrated into a teacher’s instructional calendar it can be a tremendous benefit to students in the classroom.


Online Discussion 2 – Wix versus Weebly

1-     Wix and Weebly have a lot on common.  Both services probably became as popular as they are today because they are so easy to use. It only takes minutes to get started. Both sites offer a large number of templates for use, the majority of which are free. I like to use Wix website. It  seems to be better organized, because it includes drop down menu tabs that helps users find their way around the website easily. Wix is one of the most famous drag and drop website builder with easy to use tool bar. Wix gives users the complete freedom to edit and insert elements and contents in any part on the webpages, offering a great control of the design of the websites.Unlike Wix, Weebly only allows customers to edit and insert content in specific areas and modules on the webpages.

2-    Wix is a drag and drop website builder with hundreds of professional looking design templates, a great number of advanced third party applications and a very comprehensive customer support system. Anywhere on Wix  webpage could be inserted and edited. However, once you choose a template, the content will not be transferred over to another template so you have to start over again. In a word, Wix makes it possible that customers even without technical skills could build professional and beautiful websites.

Weebly is famous for its easy to use drag and drop editor and very friendly interface. The company sticks on to the principle that the tools and the platform are clean and minimalistic, making it easier and more intuitive for starters. Although only the specific elements on Weebly webpages could be inserted and edited, Weebly is very flexible in changing templates from one to another.

3) Wix can be good for blog and resume. Tools that you need for these types of websites can be find better at Wix.

4) Educational or personal website can be created easily with Weebly.  Changing template is  very convenient on Weebly to use.


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